Adobe Developer or Web Developer


Just something odd that happens recently with a guy I knew, he just graduated with a bachelor degree in programming. He was really excited and looking for a new job, also trying to acquire the necessary  tools (a computer and software) to start his new career. My surprise was when he ask me for a serial number or crack for Adobe Master Collection. I couldn't understand at first, but he was serious and felt incomplete for not having this software at hand.



Our last conversation:


Me: Hey, what's happening bread head!


Him: Everything fine, just calling you. Is being a long time, right?


Me: Yes, tell me; what are you doing?


Him: Men, I just finished college and I'm looking for a job...


Me: Great, congratulations. What are you looking for?


Him: I was thinking in websites, they are easy to make and there is a lot of money in that market...


Me: You are looking for a full time job or freelancing?


Him: Both, whatever happens first...


Me: Which software and programming languages you manage?


Him: A little of C and C+ but also Html. I'm thinking about using Photoshop and Dreamweaver for the websites...


Me: Good! You already have the software?


Him: Thats why I'm calling you.......


Me: Ahaaaa!


Him: Yes, is because I have the software but I was looking for the serial number or some kind of crack to be able use the programs...


Me: Hey, you know I always pay for my licenses? I don't do that, thats why I haven't update since Adobe CS3. I have the master collection, but things are a little rough and I decide to use alternative software.


Him: (upset): What! Alternatives! Which ones?


Me: If you are using Windows I recommend you Notepad++, Aptana or PSpad. If you are thinking in a WYSIWYG editor you should try Amaya, BlueGriffon or Bluefish. There are a lot of good and open source alternatives out there. I prefer to use free software rather than stolen one.


Him: (angry): And those programs are better than Dreamweaver?


Me: You can do exactly the same. Open source programs are equally good, they are just free, and free don't mean bad. I'm actually using FLOSS for development. In fact I have switch to Linux and I love it....


Him: (upset): Yea; hey let me call you back I have an incoming call. I call you later...


Me: OK bye, take care.




This is how I lost a self called friend, never calls me back and I don't expect him to do it. Honestly I don't care. I know this is not the first time something like this happens, the web is full of posts about people trying to find the same serials and cracks. The funny thing here is the fact that he is suppose to be a professional programmer, but he don't know how to survive out in the jungle without adobe solutions.


This is why being an obsessed fan is so wrong, in my opinion a good developer have to master all the available alternatives, or at least try it. We never know what is going to happen the next day. For me, I'm happy with Linux but still using Windows, I also like and use Apple but don't understand the prices. I'm not an obsessed fan, I can adapt, mutate, survive.