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100+ Free PSD Graphic Downloads [Bookmark]

This is a mixed collection of PSD graphic files, some include multiple graphics while some offer only one. But nevertheless, they are all very handy designs and can be a life-saver when it comes to commercial designing.

80 Awesome jQuery Slider Plugins [Bookmark]

A jQuery slider or jQuery carousel plugin is a very useful way to feature important content. By using jQuery slider plugins, we can create amazing slider effects with fancy animations of content elements like text and images.

Character Design: CHOMi Robot Concept

Another robot has born... this is a concept I made just for fun and to improve my portfolio. Lately I have being receiving a lot of good feedback about my vector artwork, so I decide to continue on making more vectorial designs.

Why is called arts and science?

Tom Wallick on Crystalline Pottery

Many people don't understand why art is directly related to science, maybe because they don't see a cloned goat or a floating car coming out of a canvas or sculpture. But hey!

Sketch I did in 2009, still exists

Look what I found! I was looking for things that I should organize or throw away and found a white envelope that I thought was empty. To my surprise this drawing was inside, it was created by me in 2009 in a lunch break while I was eating a tuna sandwich.