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NICETYPE, Good Typography on Vimeo

The typography design market is huge and growing fast, this happens because typography is widely used in almost everything. As a designer I’m not the exception to the rule, I love typography and also design or modify fonts for my graphic design artwork.

Calendar App User Interface: Slick Calendar

Hello Calendar! This is the progress on a calendar app I have being designing in the past days. I actually use some of my time to design all sort of different things ,so I'm thinking about posting all this personal work in the future.

Moving my Creative Workflow to Linux

It's official, I have moved to Linux. In recent years I have been exploring the possibility of learn and move my workflow to Linux, it has been a fun task, because I like technology and for me learning is more a hobby than a job.

Character Design: Ice Cream Boy

This is one of my latest vector creations, is actually something I made to test the Inkscape program. I was wondering about how good could be using this software instead of the most common Illustrator. I don't like to debate things like which one is better without testing it first.