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Color Palette: Deep Forest

This post is part of my color series of posts showing my personal color schemes / palettes creations for you to use and share with the world. This color palettes are mostly extractions from images and / or any other kind of source that could possibly inspired me.

Digital Artwork - Wake Up It's Only A Dream

Just passing thru to show something I did with Gimp. This is an artwork created while I was listening some really nice music (Bjork, Portishead, Hooverphonic and Nero among others). It's a personal artwork with no purpose at all, just for fun and to fill my creative cravings.

The History of Typography - Animated Short Video

The History of Typography - Animated Short

This is a video I have found in the Design Taxi website while reading my daily design feeds. It's a short animated video explaining the history of typography in a creative and short way. In my opinion it is a very useful video and that's why I decide to add it to my notebook.

How do I get inspired by other design fields

Inspiration is one of the most active topics in the web, is easy to find hundreds, if not thousands of posts about this issue and in almost any kind of website...QAs, Blogs, Forums and Communities.