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Vortex - New Logo Design Added to my Portfolio

This is another logo design from my treasures chest (good designs made for fun), it's one of those logos that always keeps me looking at it even though it has several years of created.

Retroflux Logo Design with Optical Illusion

Being creative is not about designing for money, but to make an income for what we love to do (design). In my case, it's common that i spent a large part of my time creating things in my head and evaluating everything around me, even when i don't want to.

Fallout Artwork - Real Life Ghoul Image Manipulation

Whoooaaaa! Here again, doing cool things with Open Source Software. This is a quick experiment I created for entertainment and to improve ny skills using the Gimp program. For this artwork I decided to use the Fallout 3 game as the theme since it is one of my favorite games.

Color Palette: Decoist Color Pairs

This post is part of my color series of posts showing my personal color schemes / palettes creations for you to use and share with the world. This color palettes are mostly extractions from images and / or any other kind of source that could possibly inspired me.

Font Design and Editing Software

Hello world! Here again with another of my notes regarding to my new venture in the field of typography, typeface or font design, as you prefer to call it.

Harmcore - Abstract Digital Painting

Just passing through to show this artwork I just finished a few minutes ago. This is an abstract digital painting created with Gimp, using a style I have been doing since I have the use of reason. In this one I set my mind to think in hands, heads and faces.