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20 Free & Useful Dribbble PSD Files For Download [Bookmark]

Today we have 30 useful Dribbble PSD files for download. You can learn as you plan your projects for the future as well. The community employing Dribbble is resourceful and offers you the change to sometimes find useful PSDs to actually fit your projects, besides learning from them.

My New Venture in Font Design

Hello Typography! Here I am with another of my personal projects. This year I have been learning about the secret Jedi techniques of font or typography design, (Ok, to be honest i'm more like in the Padawan stage).

50+ Beautiful Branding Layouts [Bookmark]

These images feature the logo design, as well as, the business stationery and many times objects and trinkets that go along with the look of the brand. These displays help to elevate the branding design and infuse the style and the personality of the company.

40+ Best Free CSS3 and jQuery Tutorials [Bookmark]

CSS3 and jQuery are used in most commonly in the development of the websites up to the great mark.They are use to add more beauty and more professional touch to your project and web page.There are many types of sites that are made completely with the help of jQuery and Css3.