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20 Free UI Kits for Designers [Bookmark]

User Interface Kit (UI Kit) is collection of different components such as buttons or progress bar for any app, website or software. Designers make PSD files of UI kits to use them in apps design. These interfaces make beautiful impression on users.

25 Best Photo Manipulation Tutorials Of 2012 [Bookmark]

This time we are going to share some outstanding and useful photo manipulation tutorials of 2012. Photo manipulation is a skill that requires lots of patience along with the proficiency in Photoshop and other photo editing tools.

Jetstrap: The Bootstrap Interface Builder

Look what I found today! While I was searching for my daily fix of creativity and resources I stumble with Jetstrap (Beta), an amazing tool to be one of the favorites in the designers and developers arsenal. If you like to build websites with Bootstrap you will definitively love Jetstrap.

Color Theory for Startups [Bookmark]

One of the questions I get asked the most by aspiring designers is "how do you pick colors?". This is an important question. Picking the right color can make or break a design. And unlike Helvetica for fonts, there is no "standard" color you can fall back on.