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40 Great Web/Graphic Design Resources [Bookmark]

Alright, It's time for some more forever-useful (until outdated :) ) resources. Last time I brought you specifically CSS resources, but this time it's a bit more broad. I'm covering alot more topics, and this is more of a 'general' resources list.

85 Best Photoshop Tutorials From 2012 [Bookmark]

Every year as the years start to wind down, we like to recap the best Photoshop tutorials, which were published at some point in 2012. This roundup consists of a great collection of a variety of different types of tutorials, for enhancing your design skills.

22 Resources for New Web Design & Development Articles [Bookmark]

Bloggers and online magazines are publishing more design & development news every day. When you're busy working on projects it can be tough keeping up with all these articles. Luckily there are plenty of online social networks which aggregate design news, by users and RSS feeds.

26 New Freebie WordPress Themes Released in 2012 [Bookmark]

There are tons of free WordPress themes released every month. Developers like to use WordPress because it's an open source CMS which supports an active community. All these new themes can slip through the cracks if there is not enough publicity.