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26 New Freebie WordPress Themes Released in 2012 [Bookmark]

There are tons of free WordPress themes released every month. Developers like to use WordPress because it's an open source CMS which supports an active community. All these new themes can slip through the cracks if there is not enough publicity.

22 Resources for New Web Design & Development Articles [Bookmark]

Bloggers and online magazines are publishing more design & development news every day. When you're busy working on projects it can be tough keeping up with all these articles. Luckily there are plenty of online social networks which aggregate design news, by users and RSS feeds.

Color Palette: Cafe Racer

This post is part of my color series of posts showing my personal color schemes / palettes creations for you to use and share with the world. This color palettes are mostly extractions from images and / or any other kind of source that could possibly inspired me.

35 Humongous Resources to Find Free Icons [Bookmark]

Any good designer knows that before you start a project, you should have some great tools, and resources to save you time. The main tools in this article, are icons. They can play a huge role in web designing, so why not have a handy collection ready to be used.

35 Free Gothic Fonts for Designers [Bookmark]

Today, we bring to you a collection of wonderful Gothic fonts. You can use many words to describe them — beautiful, classy, artistic, grotesque, mysterious, even grubby! Irrespective of adjectives, Gothic fonts can be very useful if you wish to add a dark vintage charm to your projects.