Barack Obama Digital Caricature Illustration with Gimp


Hello World, here I am with another of my recent artworks proudly created with open source software. This time I use Gimp to make a caricature style commonly made with Photoshop by using the liquify tool. In this piece I choose the President of the United States Barack Obama, because is one of the most used among Photoshop users. Whatever, that's not the important thing here, what I want is to make sure that this kind of artwork can be done with the  free and open source software Gimp.

 This also makes me ask my self (again). Is it possible to create businesses by using Open Source Technology?. The answer is yes, thousands of companies do this around the world, but why this isn't  yet part of the education curriculum is what drives me mad. Anyway, this is just the first time I use Gimp for this, and I'm going to continue doing more artworks like this one. Hope you like it!

If you're an experienced artist on this kind of artwork, please let me know what you think and / or give me some advice, tips and tricks. I'm just learning, like always!