Best Linux IDEs for Web Designers and Developers


When I start using Linux in 2009 I was afraid and skeptical about the quality of the OS and the programs in general. In 2012 I decided to move my entire work-flow and make Linux my primary design and development environment This is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Linux is awesome and the IDEs available as well.

Integrated Development Environments are super-duper-flavored-candy-of-joy for design and develop websites or any kind of application. This pieces of heaven steps on top of any simple code editor like Sublimetext because of the multi-tasking features they offer. For example, let's say that we want to connect directly to our server, use git, run the command line, edit code and debug, all this without leaving our project or having to open multiple programs. Well all this and more is available within an IDE. Just code hard and code, and cODE, AND CODE. Ok, I think I make my point.....It's just freaking awesome!

It's been 3 years now since I started working 100% with FOSS (Free Open Source Software) and with complete confidence I can suggest the following IDEs for newcomers who are considering doing the same (moving to Linux 24/7).

This is a list of my tested favorites. Linux IDEs for web design and web development professionals.

 Aptana Studio

Bluefish Editor

Geany IDE

Gedit (with IDE extentions)

Komodo Edit and IDE

Netbeans IDE


Note: All images are screenshots of my desktop enviroment and the same HTML (Foundation) document. I'm using Linux Mint Petra Xfce edition with the Xfce-darkness theme, Axiomd window manager and Faenza-Darkest icons.

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