Bootstrap Essential Tools for Web Designers and Developers


Boostrap, Bootstrap and more Boostrap, it seems that the legacy of this framework will never end. I previously wrote an annotation on Jetstrap: The Bootstrap Interface Builder, a very useful tool to create themes based on this famous twitter web design framework. Now I'm going to add a personal list of resources for Bootstrap, that in my humble opinion every web designer and developer should know.

 For me it's a real pleasure sharing these resources because they're very useful and sharing is part of my nature (if you're one of my twitter friends you already know that). Well, this compilation of resources include Bootstrap theme generators, Bootstrap themes for WordPress, Boostrap templates for Joomla and Bootsrap themes for Drupal among other very handy tools.

Warning: this list of resources may have some side effects in web designers and developers that may include mind blowing or excessive happiness and uncontrollable desires to jump like a kid with new toys. At least these are the effects that cause to myself (call me child if you want, I don't care).


Boot Metro - Bootstrap Metro style web framework


Boot Theme - Theme Generator for Twitter Bootstrap


Flatstrap - Bootstrap variation without rounded corners or gradients


Plusstrap - Bootstrap Sleek and Intuitive, [Google+ like variation]


Boot Swatchr - ThemeRoller for Bootstrap with Right-To-Left Support


Bootstrap Magic - Twitter Bootstrap Theme Creator, Like it ? Save it !



Bootswatch - A Collection of Free Themes for Twitter Bootstrap


Kickstrap - no-install front-end framework with apps, themes, and extras.


Style Bootstrap - Twitter Bootstrap Theme, Template, Style Generator


Jetstrap - Interface Building Tool for Bootstrap


Charlie Park Twitter Bootstrap Buttons Generator


Plugo Labs - Twitter Bootstrap Button Generator


jQuery UI Bootstrap - A Bootstrap-themed kickstart for jQuery UI


Font Awesome - Iconic Font Designed For Use With Twitter Bootstrap


Drupal CMS Bootstrap Theme


Bootstruct - Joomla Bootstrap template Framework


JBootstrap - Twitter Bootstrap for Joomla with Gantry Framework


T3 Framework - Joomla Template Framework built with Bootstrap


Wright Framework - Joomla Template Framework build with Bootstrap


Wordstrap - WordPress theme designed with Bootstrap


WP-Bootstrap - Twitter Bootstrap in a WordPress Theme


Bootstrap For Wordpress - Wordpress theme based on Twitter Bootstrap


Roots Theme - WordPress Starter Theme Based on Bootstrap


The Boostrap - Clean and Modern Bootstrap based WordPress Theme

Voyage - Bootstrap WordPress Theme for personal or business use


Bootsnipp - Design elements and code snippets for Bootstrap

Bootstrap Hero - List of Useful Twitter Bootstrap Resources


Wrap Boostrap - Premium Themes for Twitter Boostrap Framework


That's it! my massive collection of Bootstrap resources for web designers and developers. Let me know about any other handy Boostrap resource. I really appreciate when people shares for good, although we are only a few.


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