Color Palette: Decoist Color Pairs


This post is part of my color series of posts showing my personal color schemes / palettes creations for you to use and share with the world. This color palettes are mostly extractions from images and / or any other kind of source that could possibly inspired me. Each one of this colors have their respective HEX, RGB and HSL names at the bottom. In this way you can copy and paste anyone of them individually. From now on this color palettes are going to be free downloads for using with Gimp, My Paint, Krita and Inkscape. The distribution and the files are licensed under the CC-0 , Public Domain.

Cool bedroom colors – turquoise and chocolate brown

Black curtains and red wall stripes for a modern match

Red stripes with lime green walls in the bathroom

Yellow and black living room decor

Light blue couch with a bold contrasting green plant

Inspiration Source: Decoist - How To Decorate Your Home With Color Pairs

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