Character Design: ALEONE NX-850 Concept


This is another vectorial work I created just for fun with Inkscape. Lately is becoming an addiction the use of this program for diverse type of media. On this design I decided to start with a random shape using the Bezier tool and evolving from there, without any idea or reference of what it was going to be at the end.

aleone first pathSo, based on this starting shape the ALEONE NX-850 Concept is born, which could be a prototype for animated series, a game, a toy or all this options together. In this vector design I wanted to make something with much detail and so with lot of patience and enjoying what I was doing I shape hundreds of paths with shadows and gradient effects to reach this end result.

I'm very proud to say that was conceived with an open-source program because this shows that the tool don't make the designer, but quite the opposite (in a humble way of course).

ALEONE NX-850 Vector Art Detailed

Here are some screen shots deepen into the details of the completed artwork.

Next Steps for ALEONE NX-850

From here I have some other detailing issues with this concept, so I will be adding more shadows and fixing little things, then I'm thinking about export / import into Gimp, Krita, Photoshop or MyPaint to add some textures:)

If you are watching this and have something to say, drop me a comment, I would like to read your opinion.