Cokunian Scout Concept Art Character with Gimp


Hello creative world! I was recently practicing digital illustration with a low-cost Monoprice drawing tablet I aquired the last year.  I bought this tablet because I want to know if I have what it takes to work on digital inking and digital painting as well. As I see I'm not bad at all! and soon I will have enough confidence to to buy the advanced one (WACOM, I'M COMING!!!).

For this piece I decided to make a crossover between human and carnivorous plants (for now, that's all I can say). Digital illustration is somehow addictive, the most you mastered it the more you want. My suggestion for those who are interested or about to start on digital illustration is to invest in a cheap tablet to practice, if you like what you're achieving then you can consider buying products more advanced and expensive, such as the Wacom tablets.

Proudly created with open source software: GIMP