Moving my Creative Workflow to Linux


It's official, I have moved to Linux. In recent years I have been exploring the possibility of learn and move my workflow to Linux, it has been a fun task, because I like technology and for me learning is more a hobby than a job. In the beginning it was shocking, all the possibilities and flavors that Linux offers, different distributions and variety of desktop environments makes Linux fun,fun,fun. The stage of research has ended and I am fascinated with Linux Mint, is my main operating system. I still have Windows installed on the same Workstation, but I use it only for Adobe and games among other few programs. In fact, I have them installed on separated hard disks (for security reasons) making Linux Mint the default OS, but I'm going to leave that for another annotation.

 Initially it was the Ubuntu distribution which draw my attention, but, since version 11.10 and the introduction of Unity, I have decided to move to another distro, because Unity blocks my creative workflow. Unity has many compatibility problems with design and development programs, staying in the middle of my thoughts, reminding me that I'm using Ubuntu. It became a pain in the “b”, so I decided to look for an option that conform to my needs. I did tests with different XFCe, LXDe and KDE's based distributions but neither are an option, I was looking for something that I would feel comfortable and solid.

I was looking for something lightweight, attractive, quiet and with possibilities of growth. My needs were completed by Linux Mint and I like it a lot. Linux Mint is a lot more lightweight than Ubuntu, is noticeable from the beginning, because of the much less lasting installation. Linux Mint is another Ubuntu flavor, but uses the best things of it, fixing and discarding the crap that it does not need, in my case. For me has been a real pleasure to have known about Linux Mint, I will be using and supporting this distro in anyway I can, because it is an Open Source OS which is worth more than any paid. More stable and secure than Windows, Ubuntu or Apple.

I like it, I like it, I like it and recommend it!


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