Fallout Artwork - Real Life Ghoul Image Manipulation


Whoooaaaa! Here again, doing cool things with Open Source Software. This is a quick experiment I created for entertainment and to improve ny skills using the Gimp program. For this artwork I decided to use the Fallout 3 game as the theme since it is one of my favorite games. My purpose here was to convert a real person into what I think a Ghoul would be in real life (if we were exposed to large amounts of radiation of course).

What the heck are Ghouls?

Ghouls or necrotic post-humans are decrepit, rotting, zombie-like mutants. They are victims of heavy radiation poisoning which results in their skin decaying and, paradoxically, greatly extends their individual lifetime. More information here...

Original Image: Before the Atomic Bomb

Original Image by: Andrew Morrell Photography

How She Looks After the Atomic Bomb - 2 years later

Very cool huu! This is the kind of artwork that can be used for games or movies. I'm happy with the result considering that this was only a fast exercise. I know I can come up with better stuff, just if someone gives me a little extra motivation (show me the money).

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