How do I get inspired by other design fields


Inspiration is one of the most active topics in the web, is easy to find hundreds, if not thousands of posts about this issue and in almost any kind of website...QAs, Blogs, Forums and Communities. I have recently helped one folk in Yahoo Answers who was asking for how to find inspiration for illustration. It's very frustrating to watch the kind of answers / knowledge people shares (if can be called knowledge).

One of the most common answers is a bunch of links to different design showcases, or stupid non realistic perceptions of art. I like design galleries, are good sources, but, I prefer to observe the things that surround me. Like for example, the image I used for this article, one of my favorite sources for print and web design is architecture and interior design. The vast majority of the people is just watching how gorgeous is that sofa or the colors they can buy at Home Depot. Ok, the thing is that none of them are analyzing the most simple things, the patterns, the design patterns. Patterns is what I see, and is something every design field have in common.

design inspiration image example

What I like about using alternative design inspiration is how this kind of search helps me to increase my creativity levels and at the same time makes my daily funnier by just looking what surrounds me. The image I create for this post just presents a portion of what can be done by adjusting the way we look at things, because in creativity there are no limitations, it's all between our eyes, brain and the way we interpret the information.

This is just my way to see things, so don't take this as granted. No one has the absolute truth, that's the only truth I know!

 Inspiration Source: Decoist - Modern Home With Italian Zest by Forme D'Arte


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