My New Venture in Font Design


Hello Typography! Here I am with another of my personal projects. This year I have been learning about the secret Jedi techniques of font or typography design, (Ok, to be honest i'm more like in the Padawan stage). My motivation comes from curiosity, the desire for doing new things and the fact that I'm not to much of an spectator. What I mean with the spectator thing is, that I like to get involved in the things I like, instead of simply watching what others are doing. So, I jump in and start on designing my first fonts. 

The image I used on this post is actually a in progress, my first font design (anom), temporarily name it in this way without any special concept or reason. For now there are only three words I can tell (clean, humble and modern) this is the foundation for this font set.

In the future I will be writing about my journey into this design field, providing with resources, software and my thoughts.