Character Design: CHOMi Robot Concept


Another robot has born... this is a concept I made just for fun and to improve my portfolio. Lately I have being receiving a lot of good feedback about my vector artwork, so I decide to continue on making more vectorial designs. Is not like I don't like it, I love vector design, the reason why I don't do to much of this is because of where I live. There is no real market for this kind of artwork in my country, but, since I changed my website to my secondary language (English) things are moving in another direction... for good of course.

By the way, let's go back to the design. This little robot was actually inspired by a Japanese Pot I saw several weeks ago in a blog post. I don't remember where is the post because I read or visit a lot of creative blogs every day. But that's not important right now, what matters is that after looking at the blog article I made a fast shape based on the Pot design and save it for later use. Last night I decide to start the idea, and today I finished the stage one of the concept. So that's it, this is my new robot CHOMi, called in this way because of the name of the oriental Pot (Chomi flowerpot or something like that, blaa! I don't remember).

Proudly designed using Inkscape