Web Based Code Editors for Development on the Go


This annotation is related to one of the most common situations in the field of web applications development. Sometimes we are in any activity, shopping or just walking on the street and suddenly comes the call of some client who wants to make changes to their web application or find that something is wrong on it.

 We are usually prepared for this type of event by having our laptop anywhere we go. But we don't always do it and that's why it's good to know about software that we can use to edit our web applications from anywhere.
When someone calls us with this type of emergency is possible to assist them with any of the following options. Option1: There is a computer where we are from which we can access Web-based or Cloud-based code editors. Option 2: We have or someone among us have a smart-phone or tablet (even children use them and in case of family activity there will always be one available).
In either of these cases, the solution is the same Web-Based code editors, are very useful and mostly compatible with any device mentioned above. Below I share my discoveries of code editors and IDEs to develop on the go. Some of these can even be installed on our own servers.
Web Based Code Editors and IDEs
Cloud9 IDE

Visit: Cloud9 IDE website

Visit: Exo IDE website
CodeAnywhere IDE
Visit: CodeAnywhere website
Codeita IDE

Visit: Codeita IDE website
Coderun IDE

Visit: Coderun IDE website
Codev IDE

Visit: Codev IDE website
Codey IDE

Visit: Codey IDE website
Codiad IDE

Visit: Codiad IDE website
Compilr IDE

Visit: Compilr IDE website
JS Bin Code Editor

Visit: JS Bin Code Editor website
JSFIDDLE Code Editor

Visit: JSFIDDLE code editor website
Koding IDE

Visit: Koding IDE website
ShiftEdit IDE

Visit: ShiftEdit IDE website
Source Lair IDE

Visit: SourceLair IDE website
Squad Edit IDE

Visit: Squad Edit IDE website
Final Thoughts
As you can see there are so many alternatives out in the wild to accomplish any development necesity. Althought I know this are not all the available options, I just don't find any others equally atractive as this ones.
BTW: If you know about any other tools like this ones don't hesitate on letting me know. Knowledge is not a job, for me is a hobby!