Retroflux Logo Design with Optical Illusion


Being creative is not about designing for money, but to make an income for what we love to do (design). In my case, it's common that i spent a large part of my time creating things in my head and evaluating everything around me, even when i don't want to. It's in my nature and i cannot and will not do anything to change it.

 As part of my inventions and experiments are hundreds of logos created for fun and as studies. I called them recycled works and i create them with the simple purpose of not leaving my creativity inside my head. This logo, entitled RETROFLUX, is one of the many that I have made and saved for a very long time, but now I'd decide to share it. The concept is basic and complex, create 3 dimensions with 2 dimensions elements and software, in other words, is an optical illusion. This design is intended for markets related to animation, architecture, 3D, CG, mathematics and derived branches. focusing on the graphic, we can perceive something strange, it's that we will never be able to know whether is looking up, down, left or right, and that's the purpose of the design. Simple shapes over-exposed and with transparencies to create this effect or illusion. The transparencies also help on the functionality of the logo by being able to use it across multiple media. Like on top of colors, images or presentations such as video introductions, 2D or 3D animation.

Well, that's all, if you know about someone who might be interested in this logo please let me know, it's on sale and ready to be modified to the taste of who could be his new owner.