Social Icon Set for Joomla Component Stalker


Stalker is a Joomla component, module and plugin for social profiles with solid integration for community websites using Community Builder (Joomla Component). A long time ago I decide to add this project as part of my personal project / program on helping good open source projects and developers to stay up to date on the design area. My duty on this work was to make the default black and colored social icons / buttons for the application front-end.


I'm glad to be part of the Stalker development since his first developer Nick Texidor from Autralia (twitter: @texinick) and now with the new maintainer Alain Rivest from Canada (twitter: @includebeer), both talented PHP developers. So, with nothing more to add here they are, the two new social icon sets for the Stalker application front-end.


Dark Social Icon Set


Colored Social Icon Set


Stalker aplication Website:

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