Test Link New Logo and More Coming Soon


Know what? I'm contributing to another open source project. In a previous annotation I report about the first of the projects I had joined (Social Icon Set for Joomla Component Stalker). This as part of my personal program / project on contributing to the open source community.

 Therefore, I have now joined the TestLink project. TestLink is a web-based test management software that facilitates software quality assurance. It is developed and maintained by a group of volunteers (main site www.teamst.org). The platform offers support for test cases, test suites, test plans, test projects and user management, as well as various reports and statistics.

My role on this project is to design the logo, the application user interface and the new website. For now I can only show the progress of the logo. In the future I'll be posting more about the reorganization of the interface, which is the next step.

I also want to add that I'm very happy with what I'm doing and I would like to set an example for other designers to do the same, participate in FLOSS projects that need help in the visual area.