Vortex - New Logo Design Added to my Portfolio


This is another logo design from my treasures chest (good designs made for fun), it's one of those logos that always keeps me looking at it even though it has several years of created. It was originally created under the name of Orion, but I was recently watching a documentary in which were spoking about Vortexes, and this logo reappeared in my mind as soon as I saw the portable vortex that they were using in the program.

 Then I decided to retouch this logo design, eliminating the name of Orion and replacing it with Vortex. Now I love it more and decided to add it to my portfolio. This is all for the moment, but I'm seriously considering tweak all or a vast majority of the work I have in my treasures chest, to then use them for my portfolio (this could help me to create a huge gallery).