Where to find free high quality images, in front of my nose of course


Sometimes....ok let's start again. Most of the time we designers are looking to beautify our print or digital presentations with good content, instead of using the easy to identify stock photos. Well, today I recieve a slap in my fat face after reading this article "Where to find great ideas and arresting images (for free)" shared by @devlindonnelly one of my invaluable twitter friends.

 Like the majority of us (designers) I was always looking for the major providers of "quality stock photos"  without double checking the flickr search options. Flickr have this very handy and simple advanced search feature that allows us to have access to real high quality photos for free, or lets say, under Creative Commons License (feels the same, but read the license carefully). I don't know how I don't see it coming and I'm humble enough to admit my mistakes and how I feel. Here it comes, like a Happy Moron. Happy because I have learned two things, 1-Read Roberto Read! (again) 2-How to find high quality photos for free. and moron, well I think that's obvious.

LOL! sometimes the most complex solutions are in front of us, but over-trusting in our knowledge won't allow us to see the answer, even if is in front of our nose (like in my case).